Infant through Age 10

Sunnyslope_Dental_Care_Services_Dr_Quesnell.jpgChildhood Services – Infant through Age 10

Dental and oral health problems that may follow a patient throughout a lifetime can often be resolved in early childhood. We work to assist you in identifying the effects of thumb sucking, early childhood caries (baby bottle tooth decay) and the need for corrective braces.

Diagnosed early, these issues can be corrected with considerably less cost and stress for the patient.

  • Infant and toddler examinations to establish healthy habits at a young age
  • Show and tell interaction to instill trust and develop positive experiences
  • Pediatric developmental milestones: primary teeth, oral habits, bite analysis
  • Prevention and treatment of dental caries (cavities): a major health problem for children
  • Early childhood caries is an infectious disease associated with dietary habits and bacteria
  • Guidance provided to both parents and child regarding appropriate preventative strategies
  • Treatment considerations include sealant, supplemental fluoride, dietary counseling, and oral hygiene instructions

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