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outside_view.pngSunnyslope Dental Care has served families of the New Berlin community for over 30 years. Built on a foundation of clinical innovation and sound dental practice, the doctors at Sunnyslope Dental Care have developed a comprehensive program of PREVENTATIVE / DIAGNOSTIC / RESTORATIVE / COSMETIC / RECONSTRUCTIVE / IMPLANT dentistry that supports and promotes a healthy beautiful smile.

Dental and oral health problems that may follow a patient throughout a lifetime can often be resolved in early childhood. We work to assist you in identifying the effects of thumb sucking, baby bottle tooth decay and the need for corrective braces.

Diagnosed early, these issues can be corrected with considerably less cost and stress for the patient.

Our adolescent patients face a variety of new dental challenges, removal of wisdom teeth and education in dietary choices that will reduce tooth decay. They also reach the age where permanent reconstruction and cosmetic treatment due to genetics or injury can be completed.

The adult patient faces more complex issues involving crowns, root canals, gum disease and the replacement of missing teeth, which can come with age related changes. Each of these conditions, should they occur, are approached with the goal of maintaining a healthy attractive smile. The professional team at Sunnyslope Dental Care has been together in the New Berlin community for many years “building relationships one smile at a time.”

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